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Kind Words

Hi Eric,

I’m sorry for the delay – below is our testimonial about working with you.  We loved you and hope it works!

To say we are happy with Eric is such an understatement.  Seeing the pictures of our wedding when we returned from our honeymoon was probably the best welcome home gift we could have received.  I remember, almost a year ago, when I first saw Eric’s work.  Living in NYC, we had been traveling back and forth to plan our wedding, and were having a really tough time finding local photographers who had a photojournalistic style – capturing true emotion in the style of storytelling.  We had received a link to pictures of a wedding Eric had shot in the Berkshires.  I sat at my computer with tears streaming down my face, so overcome with emotion over how perfectly he captured this couple’s day.   While we certainly had to meet him in person before committing, we knew he was the right photographer for us.

Eric has the perfect combination of personality and talent.  From the moment we met Eric any fears of a “weird, intrusive, awkward” photographer went out the window – he is unbelievably cool and funny while being extremely professional.  He listened to us, what we wanted and what we didn’t want, and fully understood our vision.  We couldn’t have felt more confident working with Eric.

Eric has an energy that draws people in and I can’t express how important and rare this quality is in a photographer.  Instead of running away from the camera, our friends gravitated to Eric.  He brings out the best in everyone and the pictures show it.

And the pictures, oh, the pictures.  We can’t express how unbelievably happy and excited we are with what Eric did for us.”

Thanks Eric!

Catherine & John




chauncey-lizHello Eric,

Liz and I received both the link to the slide show and the photos on Pictage. We are VERY happy with both; you did an amazing job.

It is so exciting for us (and I am sure that you hear this often) because we are getting to experience our wedding from a different perspective; we are able to see so many things that we had missed that day. Everyone who has seen the slide show is highly impressed. See the two separate e-mail texts below, which shows you that we are not the only people giving you good reviews. These are from our two biggest critics… our older sisters.


ERIC IS THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! He makes me want to get married again!!! Of course it helped that you looked absolutely beautiful and the happiest I HAVE ever seen you look!  Eric has the best EYE! I have only met one other photographer who’s work I love as much as Eric’s. They both have the innate ability to focus on exactly what should be focused on and make it seem even more real than when you were actually there. I just experienced your wedding an entirely new way through his lens! Most of all I am so thrilled that these are the photos you will have for the rest of your life to remember to your wedding day! I LOVE YOU!!! Hope you had a tremendous honeymoon and happy belated birthday! Please give my love to Chauncey as well.

Love, Melissa

PS Jeff was EQUALLY impressed!

Wow! I have a few things to say:

1)      Eric is amazing.

2)      Justin seems to think it is all coincidence they all turn out that good, “all he does is point and shoot the camera!” I think he was half kidding, half serious. Made me want to hit him. He also said that everyone looks like models, so that’s cool.

3)      Liz looks absolutely ravishing in every photo. Amazing. She should be a bride model! I will tell her that and I am sure you already knew.

4)      It is amazing that 700 pics intimidate some, and yet I could have looked at 700 more. HA

5)      I want to be a wedding photographer.






From the very first moments of speaking with Eric on the phone,0251I knew we were a great match! He is so kind, funny and full of life, a perfect match for our wedding celebration. You know you have picked the right wedding photographer when another photographer (who I know professionally), comments: “You got Eric Limon? He is the best of the best!” She was certainly right.

When my husband and I sat down with Eric, it was as if we were sitting down with one of our closets friends planning our wedding pictures! He immediately puts you at ease with his presence. We chose to add a photo booth to our wedding reception and that was the best decision ever! Eric and his wife created an amazing setting for our guests to be silly and share their love with us which was so important because the reception was a whirlwind. Eric had the photo booth photos posted the next day on facebook for all of our friends and family to see, tag and share.
Everyone always tells you that you’re wedding day flies by and to try to remember to be present because before you know it, the night is over. This is an understatement. Eric arrived while I was getting ready in a room full of women. For some reason, everyone’s intensity goes through the roof as the ceremony moment approaches–even if you’re calm. Eric walked into the chaotic room and started snapping pictures without saying a word. He wasn’t invasive but was ever present. His energy (although usually bright and excited) grounded me in the moments leading up to the ceremony. In fact, I owe him my sanity because when I was about to burst, he grabbed me, a glass of champagne and pulled me outside into the rain to shoot the final moments leading up to our vows. These are some of my favorite pictures.
Eric was with us every step of the way, creating brilliant shots and capturing the most intimate moments. I can not say enough about the pictures he took. You know you have a good wedding photographer when everyone, including strangers, comments “you have the best wedding photos ever!” We were married on a rainy day in the beautiful Berkshires and we truly do have the best wedding photos. From the moment Eric arrived until the moment we said good bye, he was professional, fun, and present. The quality and clarity of his pictures are unbelievable. I would, and will always, recommend that future newlyweds use Eric Limon Photography.
For future brides: Do the first look photos! Eric had suggested that we do this and I really was against it because I wanted that hollywood moment when my future husband saw me for the first time. I really wish that I had listened to Eric’s advice because in reality the “moment” is so short-for me, like twenty steps! Just like that it is fast forward until the end of the reception. I wish that we had had a more intimate first look, just the two of us, where there weren’t 200 people watching to see how we reacted. Although it seems glamorous and sweet, both my husband and I were so nervous and focused that we were hardly smiling during the walk down the aisle!  Doing first look photos also would have allowed us more time to take pictures with our wedding party and family instead of rushing after the ceremony to get to the reception.
Happy Valentine’s Day!! A perfect day to send you all of this love. You are the bomb diggity whoop whoop!





Thank you so much for the wonderful photos of our wedding day.  We really enjoyed working with you, and I’m sad that we don’t have any more excuses to see you!  You were extremely easy to work with: down-to-earth and ready for anything (even when we had act fast to beat the pre-hurricane downpour!).  You had a great energy and smile, and it really seemed like you enjoyed being there.  And, of course, we absolutely love our photos.  Being wedding photographers ourselves, photography was THE most important thing to us on our day, after the being married part :)  We are so happy with our collection – all the shots are just beautiful.  You captured all the details, and we loved seeing the expressions of our friends and family as they enjoyed the day.  We will be looking at them with joy for years to come.  Thank you again.

Nora & Troy

(Nora & Troy are amazing wedding photographers based in the Boston Area)






danielle-justinEric: Our testimonial is below. There really are not words to describe how happy Justin and I are with every single one of your photographs – we did our best to describe what a tremendous talent you are. Thank you again!

“As so often happens in life, the momentousness of an occasion is lost in the welter of a thousand details.” You cannot truly know how fast the happiest day of your life can pass, until you experience those whirlwind hours that flash in the blink of an eye. The food may be the best ever tasted, the room may look like an enchanted forest, music that you can dance to all night – but without Eric, these special details become muted memories. There is a difference between a photograph to show that you were simply there and a photograph that takes you back, that allows you to relive those moments. Eric’s photographs are alive, they bring you back to the moment they were taken and put together, they re-tell your story. He is a gifted storyteller, there is no doubt. At the end of the day, the best gift anyone can give is the opportunity to go back and do it again. We didn’t believe this was possible until we met Eric. Everyone who was at our wedding has told us they have been swept away and taken back to that crisp beautiful October day where the food was they best they ever tasted, the room felt like an enchanted forest and they danced the night away… through Eric Limon’s photographs we all come to life.

Danielle & Justin






I can’t stop obsessively looking at the photos. Your photos are like crack. They are so awesome!!! My family all loves them too. They will bring us right back to the joy and emotion of the day for the rest of our lives…so thank you!! Here is the rave review I posted on wedding wire. Feel free to use it however you want in the future and just let me know if you want me to post it anywhere else.

“When my fiance and I were googling around to find out about different wedding venue options in the CT/MA area, we kept noticing that a lot of the wedding photos we would stumble across were all incredibly awesome. Eventually it dawned on us that it was because they were all taken by the same photographer. We booked Eric before we had even made our final selection of venue because we loved his style so much–tons of candid shots that capture raw emotion, personality, energy and excitement to an uncanny degree; beautiful angles, composition, and color that highlight the unique and beautiful features of the venue and setting. Eric was probably more expensive than some of the other options but we thought it would be well worth it to have photos we really loved to help us keep savoring the event long after it was over. I can say without reservation that when we got the photos (pretty quickly after the event), they exceeded even our high expectations. We are totally in love with the photos, as are all of our family members, and there’s no doubt they’ll continue to bring us joy for the rest of our marriage.

Seeing Eric in action on the wedding day, we also learned that he has a whole repertoire of skills that go beyond his purely artistic ones. He’s a really cool and fun person to have around at your wedding, he knows how to remain unobtrusive and almost invisible much of the time while still capturing close ups of every single moment that you would want to have captured, he works the crowd to get photos of every guest, and he’s like a magician when it comes to getting young kids to cooperate with formal photos. To sum up, he’s the perfect wedding photographer, and you should hire him!”

Becca & Andy



lauren-matthewEric is someone you’d want at your party even if he weren’t the one taking photos. He’s terrific fun, up for anything, and exceptionally nice. But don’t get us wrong– you do want him to bring his camera, because Eric is an inventive, encouraging, fearless photographer. We are having nearly as much fun looking at his photos as we did when he was taking them. Eric’s skill is matched only by his patience and his good nature. He brings out the best in his subjects: He looks, he listens, and he figures out what you want and what you’re about. Who else would have asked us to frown for the camera (when we couldn’t get into the Moon Bounce at the Polish Festival taking place on the same day, in the same park, as our wedding)? We were almost late to our own ceremony because we were having so much fun taking pictures. For the rest of the day, Eric unobtrusively captured myriad moments we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. After looking at more than seven hundred photos of our wedding day—starting with our getting dressed, going through the last dance—we were sorry there weren’t another seven hundred! And we’re not even that attractive. But Eric’s photos are just that good. We won’t get married again without him.

Lauren & Matthew








lena-paulHey Eric,

I wanted to get you a blurb for your website before I got wrapped up with other stuff. BTW, I sent the photo link to the people at Martha Stewart Weddings… cross your fingers!

“Choosing a photographer for our wedding was a huge decision, especially considering that I work in magazines as an art director! When I found Eric I knew his style would fit with our vision for the day and he didn’t disappoint. I’m thrilled with the shots (as are my family and friends), he really captured the emotions and was part of the celebration rather than just an observer. He rocks!”

Lena & Paul










dianne-rollandSo this testimony comes extremely delayed, but sincere and heartfelt. Thanks again for everything, Eric. How you managed to become a household name in one day!!! :) Please feel free to use us as a reference any time.


“They say the exquisite art of wedding photography is its ability to take one back to the wedding day, and for a brief second let the couple relive some very special feelings.  To this end, Eric Limon is truly an artist, and fortunate for us, a wedding photographer. His photographs will speak for themselves, but let this testimony assure you that he is an absolute joy as a person. Eric has the rare combination of talent in seeing the complexity that is human emotions, and aesthetically capturing this on camera. Couple this with an infectious energy and a beautiful spirit, we could not have asked for more for our wedding.

All that was and is our wedding day, is captured in his artwork. He is very, very good.”

Best wishes,

Dianne & Rolland




elizabeth-chrisDear Eric,

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of our wedding day. You have a gift for catching the emotion and spirit of a moment with total artistry and precision. Your positive energy and good humor made everyone feel comfortable, and you always kept things light and fun. We honestly felt like you were just a friend we had hired to take photos at our wedding—a friend who takes some pretty damn amazing photos.

We thank you for bringing total professionalism, charm, and brilliance to our wedding day. For us the wedding itself was an exercise in staying present to enjoy each moment to its fullest expression. We now have those moments captured beautifully in your photos, and we can revisit them anytime we’re in need of a little enchantment.

With love and gratitude,

Elizabeth and Chris

Follow Up:

Dear Eric,

I received the photo album in the mail today and it is absolutely gorgeous. I just love it and I have looked at it at least a dozen times already although I have only had it for a few hours. I can hardly wait to show it to everyone! it is a true work of art and I know everyone who sees it will be most impressed. Thank you so much for your work. It is indeed a treasure that will make the memories of that special day come alive forever each and every time someone looks at it. Bravo! It has been a pleasure to work with you.




Jen and I would like to express our up most appreciation for the professionalism that you have conveyed to us throughout the past year.  Your energy was absolutely phenomenal from our first meeting through the wedding day.  Our wedding day went exactly as planned and thanks to you, we have your amazing artwork to carry with us throughout the remainder of our lives.  You have also touched the lives of many of our closest friends and family through your incredible slideshow and pictures.  Your art has brought the emotions of that day into peoples homes.

We are extremely happy that we selected a person who has a unique vision and there is no question that you truly love what you do.  Your love for your work is portrayed throughout the photo’s, which will carry the memories from October 4th forward.  In the end, Jen and I feel that we not only had an excellent business experience, but have also gained a friend.

Sincerely, Jen and Eric Chatelle







Jess-JeffEric ,

Jeff and I cannot express how much your pictures meant to us.  You truly captured every emotion involved in our day!  You understood our requests to keep the “posed” pictures to a minimum (even under pressure from in-laws) and yet didn’t miss a beat (or shot).  You made us feel so comfortable and relaxed (which is an incredible feat for the two least photogenic people ever married).  Every time we look at our pictures we relive our wedding day, which is such a blessing because the day flies by so fast. Our guests were so impressed with your enthusiasm and professionalism…they couldn’t stop talking about you for weeks after our wedding.  The slide show and proof album were top of the line and better than any other we had ever seen.  Planning our wedding from out of town was very scary when it came to choosing vendors.  We are so lucky to have found your website.  From the first time I looked at it I knew you were the photographer for us. Everything you did for us exceeded our expectations.  We are truly blessed to have had you as a part of our wedding day.  Your pictures are a timeless representation of the love and life Jeff and I share together.  Thank you for everything!!!

Love, Jess & Jeff







When John and I were looking to hire a photographer our comment to you was that the pictures are the most important part of the wedding because it’s all you have to remember the day. We hoped that any photographer would capture the love and excitement of our day. YOU accomplished that and more. The beauty and uniqueness of each shot is unprecedented. When we look at the pictures we see exactly who we are – our personalities are evident in every picture and every emotion that we felt that day is clear. People who do not even know John and I or our relationship can actually get to know us through your work. Every time I look at our pictures (and that’s pretty often) I try to think of a new way to thank you for the amazing work but, I can never seem to find the right words. So, the best way for me to thank you and compliment everything you did for us which, doesn’t only include the pictures but, also all the attention and prompt responses/help, is to recommend you to others. You will receive my highest recommendation to any future bride and groom or event host.

John and I wish you all the best of luck and healthiest days. We hope to see you soon at a upcoming event.

Again, thank you. Melissa and John






Photo © Eric LimonDear Eric,

When we were looking for a photographer for our wedding, the most important attribute we were looking for was the ability to capture emotion. After all, once the day is over, all that is left are the memories and photographs. Because of this, choosing a photographer was the most important decision that we needed to make. With only one wedding day, we knew there was only one chance to obtain the pictures that we would cherish for the rest of our lives. Once we saw the pictures on your website, we knew that you were the ONE.

Now after seeing the pictures from the wedding, we can confirm that you delivered exactly what we wanted. Each photograph that you took tells a story. You can see the seriousness of the ceremony, hear the laughter from the reception, and see the love in our eyes. The candid shots portray the dinner conversation, the movements of the Macarena, and the cake on Niall’s face while I watched laughing hysterically. The more traditional portrait pictures are artistically beautiful, and we did manage to add some fun into those as well! In addition to your photographic aptitude, we really enjoyed meeting you. Your easy-going, professional attitude makes you extremely fun to work with. In summary, we cannot thank you enough – you were able to capture each moment of the day and we will be able to relive our wedding memories every time we look at your BEAUTIFUL pictures. Aside from choosing the groom, you were the best choice I made! Thanks again for the terrific job you did on the wedding shots. We LOVE them!!!!

All of our best wishes for future success and happiness, Toni and Niall





theresa-andrewEric was simply phenomenal. Not only was my list of special pictures completed, but so many others that were not on my list as well. My husband, daughter, and I are not “traditional” by any means so wanted to capture some “real” moments, fun shots, goofy set ups, and of course the more serious for family members..we got all that and MORE! Eric went above and beyond and our guests are still complimenting him as well. He actually became part of the party himself. The quality of photo is superb as you can see from his site. Totally ROCKED!

Theresa & Andrew









Photo © Eric LimonDear Eric,

How can we put into words the amazing feelings we feel when we look at our wedding pictures? Here’s our attempt. There was no doubt in our minds we had to have you after seeing your amazing pictures of Heather’s sister’s wedding two years ago. We were impressed that you had over 700 pictures beautifully organized to music ready online within a few days of the wedding. Your presence, although rarely noticed during the ceremony and events of the night, is relaxing rather than stressful and you know exactly what to do for the posed pictures and take amazing candid shots. Your photos truly make us relive the experience capturing special glances, moments, feelings and scenery all without seeming like a photo but like a beautiful imprinted memory. You were willing to bushwhack and risk poison ivy to get some absolutely breathtaking shots on the bridge and even spontaneously thought to rid the area of a few unsightly weeds. Your photographs allow us to relive the fast moving amazing moments of our wedding. In our friends’ and families’ words your photos are “the most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen” and some even claim that their heart stops beating upon looking at them. Thank you so much for your magic and perfection.

With Love, Ricky & Heather






kelly-adamDear Eric,


We can’t put into words how amazing you are.  Your energy, humor, creativity, outgoing personality and professionalism is captured in each of our photographs.  We have received so many compliments on our exquisite pictures.  Each special moment throughout our wedding day is relived every time we view our wedding album.  The mini albums were a big hit with our friends and family as well. I actually carry one with me at all times so I can show it off!  We greatly appreciate your dedication on our wedding day, as the weather was less than desirable, but that didn’t stop you from getting “soaked” to make sure you got the right picture!  The golf course is a special place in our lives and we couldn’t be happier with how you captured the essence of it in our pictures.

All our best, Kelly & Adam







liz-krisHey Eric ~

The album was absolutely outstanding!  I keep the smaller version in my bag at all times and show EVERYONE!  They are all amazed and blown away!  I’ve given out your business cards to potential brides too, and I hope you hear from them!

P.S. I am so sorry it took so long, I am so busy with school, but see below our testimonial for your website.  Hope it helps!!

Absolutely Superb!  We could not have asked for more!  From start to finish Eric was a dream to work with.  Most of the time we hardly knew he was there, but he amazingly got every shot, and they all came out perfect!!  There is no one who could top the wonderful photos that were the outcome of a perfect day!  Even the speed at which we received them was unbelievable!  I had all my proofs and my album within 6 weeks!  I highly recommend Eric and every chance I get to tell someone about him, I do, even if they’re not engaged yet!  He is an excellent choice and my husband and I loved him!

Elizabeth & Kris





jenny-jasonWe based our wedding around Eric’s availability…need I say more?!


Jenny & Jason










jennifer-jasonIt started out pretty typically. My mother wanted tiaras and flaming Baked Alaska; I wanted family-sized bowls of pasta and barefoot dancing. When I saw the website of the overpriced, over-the-top photographer she ‘had all lined up,’ I played it cool. I told her we’ll see. Then I found Eric. His website only hints at his skill — his talents lie just as much in his storytelling as in his flawless photography, as I later found out.

Friendly and professional at our first meeting, I quickly knew the two most important things:

1) that his artwork was vibrant, uninhibited and flattering to all subjects, and 2) that he would need very little direction to make it happen. Thank goodness, because when he walked in my house that afternoon he walked into a madhouse – seven unfinished bridesmaids, four lumbering men in tuxes (Dad and brothers) and one near-hysterical bride (me!). I took one look at him and said “make yourself comfortable and do what you need to do,” and that was that. I caught brief glimpses of him standing in the shower and leaping over my bed, but until we got to the reception and group photos, he was like a shadow.

Midway through our honeymoon, we checked our email and Eric had already gotten a page organized with all our photos. They are stunning – I never knew I could look so beautiful! I still tear every time I look at them, and so does my Mom!

Jennifer & Jason





amy-davidDear Eric,

Dave and I are so grateful we had you as such an important part of our day. We are such “picture junkies” that we were thrilled to have so many beautiful moments captured forever through your work. And boy did you work hard! You were a big hit with everyone as well. I’ll be forever grateful and will of course continue to recommend you highly to all we know. Take good care and all the best,

Amy & Dave








desire-kenNOTE: Desire is a wedding planner in Berkshire County  and her wedding was the first time we “worked” together

Dear Eric,

How can we possibly say “Thank You” for all you’ve done for us? Of all the vendors I’ve had the joy of working with, you are by far the most magical! I would have sworn you were me that day (since I wasn’t!) We were simply overjoyed to see all the wonderful moments you preserved for us. In fact, I’m not even sure how you found the time to do it between rescuing my dress and then me from that marble table! You somehow captured pieces of time we didn’t even realize we had. You’re just so amazing! My bridesmaids are still laughing about playing in the trees and mud! I can’t wait to work with you again. I’ll be telling my clients that you are more essential than the ceremony itself! Who knows, perhaps you’ll get that jumping into the pool picture after all…

With grand affection and admiration, Desire & Ken







First of all, thank you so much for the amazing job you did at the wedding! We had such an amazing day and you made everyone feel so comfortable. And the pictures are perfect! You really helped make our wedding day amazing! It was so easy to work with you and we knew you would take wonderful pictures! Well, we were right, they are BEAUTIFUL! I would recommend you to anyone who asked without hesitation. We can’t express how much we appreciate your hard work and expertise! Your energy and positive attitude made the experience one we’ll remember for a lifetime! Thanks again!

Love, Dan and Erin







kate-timDear Eric,

Thank you so much for our photos! They’re so beautiful and better than I ever could have imagined. I was so worried that we weren’t going to get good pictures because of the rain, boy was I wrong!! Your so very talented, every picture is incredible & I’ve looked through them dozens of times! I can’t thank you enough.

Thanks again, Kate Tredwell

Eric, I’ve been trying to sum up our feelings about your wedding photographs for over a month and I still don’t think I can adequately express how wonderfully they came out. Each time Kate and I sit down to look through our album, we are instantly transported back to those nervous, excited feelings we both had on our big day. In a word? Perfect. Thank you for making our wedding that much more special.

Tim Tredwell





jen-kerryDear Eric,

having just looked at our wedding pictures for about the 104th time, I am writing in gratitude – to try to let you know how moved we are by your talent & how lucky we feel that you captured our weekend, it’s essence & the details. From the first time we browsed through your website, we knew it would be such a gift to have you as our photographer. There are so many moments from that weekend that we want to hold onto always – thank you for showing us some of the details we might have missed – the facial expressions…. thank you for working with the light, and thank you for enjoying the ceremony as you worked so hard – it meant so much.

With love, Jen & Kerry








The words “thank you” could never convey our appreciation for the job that you did at our wedding reception.  You arrived to a house full of people who hadn’t seen each other in thirty years and you were immediately able to fit in like you were one of the family.  During the reception it was just as if you were another guest which put everyone at ease, even the camera shy guests.  Your relaxed and fun attitude was exactly what we had hoped for.  Even now, more than a month later, people are still commenting on how much fun it was to have you around.

On top of your amazing demeanor, the photographs and slide show came out beautifully.  Because we did not have a ceremony we feared that you would not really have much to work with, but each of the over 400 pictures is unique and really captures the emotions of those in the photo.  Many have commented that our photos are the best wedding pictures that they have ever seen.  Your work is absolutely stunning and the photos will adorn our walls and help the night to live in our hearts for years to come.  Our only regret is that we can’t get married again to have you come and take more pictures.  :-)

Thank you  from the bottom of our hearts, Rebecca & Jeff





lauren=scottHi Eric,

The photos are terrific!  Absolutely wonderful, and your photos of our friends’ children are stunning.  We have gotten so many compliments on not only your photographs but also your energy and devotion to getting our photos on the train and pushing past all the media craziness at the train station.  We did not know all that would be going on.  You had great judgment both photographic and otherwise and made great suggestions (the best of which was leaving and coming back to the station later). Several friends told me they had never seen a photographer work so hard.  You and Tim did a wonderful job capturing shots in a difficult setting.  Please pass on my compliments to Tim.  He was a pleasure to have with us and took great photos.  One of the photos my family and friends like best is the one with me and my kitty that Tim took. Oh, and you even managed to get a couple of photos of Scott’s sister (bridesmaid) almost smiling.  A mighty feat!

Lauren & Scott








Ted and I love the photos and everyone who was able to look at them online was very complimentary. We had a great day and we made the right decision in choosing you to be our photographer! Our wedding involved the most important event in our lives (thus far) and the most important people in our lives. You did a fantastic job capturing them all. Looking at our photos is like reliving every special moment of the day. Even ones we were unaware of, when they actually happened. Thank you for stopping a moment in time.

Keely & Ted








Carolyn-DanielFriends are still mentioning to me a year later that you are the best wedding photographer they have ever seen. I have heard (and since seen) horror-stories of photographers shouting directions, proceeding the bride down the aisle, popping flash-bulbs in the couple’s face… you couldn’t have been more polite, friendly & unobtrusive, and this certainly influences the images you captured – my guests dancing, talking and laughing; me feeling happy and at-ease with my new husband.

Thank you once more – Carolyn and Daniel









kristina-dougIt is with a long over due apology for not sending you our thanks over 6 months ago for our amazing pictures. We have been enjoying them all this time and haven’t expressed our gratitude for really making our dreams come true of having beautiful pictures on a day we will remember for the rest of our lives. Since we first met (over an hour late on our part), I really felt that you had a great take on Doug and me. We had interviewed several photographers and knew without a doubt you were the one and would capture the essence we were looking for on our wedding day. You were absolutely fantastic to work with and our pictures are better than we could have hoped for. Your patience with our guests was much appreciated…even when my mother-in-law stood in front of you to take her own shot of the wedding party while you were trying to take yours! Thank you for being easy to work with, for listening to what we wanted and actually making it happen. One last thing, your ability to get us our pictures less than 3 weeks after our wedding made my day! I was so excited to see our webpage. So many people have commented on how fantastic our pictures are. You do great work and it really shows.

Job well done! – Kristina & Doug








Thank you so very much for the amazing wedding photographs! We certainly had high expectations for the quality of your pictures, but you sure surpassed them! From our initial meeting through our wedding day, we felt incredibly comfortable and at ease with you. As strange as it seems, it almost felt like you were one of our friends at the wedding who just happened to be taking pictures! You captured the wedding day with great skill and the photographs have already been and will continue to be a great way for us to relive our wedding weekend!

Thanks again! Dave and Jenna








jen-justinDear Eric,

Words can’t begin to describe the amazing photos you took of our wedding. They were all BEAUTIFUL! You captured each moment. You were amazing working in the conditions we had…the darkness and then working with all of my siblings. You were awesome with the kids. You captured so many moments and half the time we didn’t even realize you were taking the picture. You were so much fun and we all know you love your job! The website you made us is amazing! We have sent it to everyone and our friends and family who were not able to attend say the website makes them feel like they are there enjoying the wedding! It really tells the story! The photos are beautiful and I have already recommend you to a couple of friends who are getting married! Thank you again for capturing our wedding memories so beautifully!

Sincerely, Jen and Justin







Dawn-MichaelHi Eric,

I just wanted to let you know that the response from my family on the beauty of your photography has been amazing! Everyone loves the photos, as do we of course! They accurately portray the feeling of the day, and I can’t thank you enough for everything. I will definately recommend you to family and friends looking for a photographer. You really did a great job. It was great to have you as our photographer and we hope you had a great time at our wedding! Here’s my recommendation quote for your website:

“Eric’s photos have a depth and beauty not commonly seen in wedding photography. My husband and I are so happy with our photos that we would recommend Eric to everyone!”

Michael & Dawn







eirinn-daveHi Eric,

Dave and I both enjoyed working with you. Everything went so smoothly with the wedding photos. I know that it can’t be easy working with large families with lots of little ones but you put everyone at ease (including the keyed-up bride!). We were all amazed by how many shots you took of us when we were completely unaware that a picture was being taken. And thank you so much for the photo gallery. Both our families loved looking at the pictures and catching moments that they had not seen. Once again thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

Eirinn & Dave








kristen-jeffHi Eric,

First of all, the photos are so amazing. I couldn’t be happier. We were so happy with the way the entire wedding turned out and in all the photos you can really see that. You can see the pure emotion and that is what I love about all the photos. You really captured everyone in their element. And Jeff and I are so glad to have so many beautiful pictures taken of us. We have been together 5 years and have very few pictures. Your photos are so full of style and sass, compared to the other photographers we looked at. You were in all the right places at the right times and I know everyone at the wedding was very impressed (including my step-mom who does events for a living.) The photos really came out great. I can’t say enough, really. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I meet who needs a photographer. The photos speak for themselves. Thank you so much!

Kristen & Jeff







shana-michaelHi Eric!

We just wanted to say that after meeting you we really felt like we were all old friends. You immediately understood what we wanted, and totally delivered! The way you engaged with our guests to capture the spirit of the day was amazing. Thank you again, and please feel free to use us as references anytime!

Hope you and your wife are doing well. Shana & Michael









joanna-herbEric, we love the photos – and the album is much more than we were expecting! We’ve been absolutely thrilled with everything you’ve done for us. Thank you so much. We plan to recommend you to everyone we know. Many people from the wedding have already commented on how impressed they were with you. Hope all is well, and thanks again!

Joanna & Herb










lori-jeffEric advertises a photojournalistic style. This is true, but hardly begins to describe the brilliance of his work. The candid shots really capture the moment, but they’re more than a visual record of events. They are wonderful works of portraiture and composition in their own right. When we looked at the pictures of our wedding, we were transported back to the moment, with all its glory and emotion. At the same time, we marveled at how well the candid shots managed to so completely capture everyone’s personalities and individual characters. We’re utterly thrilled at these results – and the fact that this work was done without no formal posing, that the moments were captured as they occurred, that the photographer was completely unobtrusive… it’s just amazing.

Lori and Jeff









mary-timHello Eric,

Thank you so much for your patience and diligence during our wedding. It was a very hectic and joyous time for our families, and many people remarked how you seemed to be everywhere. You really captured what we were looking for. So many great images of the people we love, thank you so much! We hope you are well, and thank you again.

Best Wishes, Mary & Tim Becker









© Eric LimonEric,

You are INCREDIBLE!!! What and Amazing job you did – we love our photos! many thanks for capturing it all. The moments you caught are amazing and the pictures are PERRFECT! We could not be happier. There is no question you have a gift, and I was blown away when I saw these pictures. You captured moments I had no idea you had seen! THANK YOU a million times over for what you have done for us. There is no question you have enabled us to relive our special day over and over and feel that joy again. I am SO grateful to you for all you did – just perfect! I look forward to hearing from you and ANY time you want us to be a reference we are more than happy to be…EVERYONE should hire you!

Thank you again and again, – Bowen & Charlie








elana-michaelDear Eric,

It was so great to work with you at our wedding. There were many moments shown in the pictures that I didn’t remember you being nearby. You have an amazing ability to blend in and get perfect shots. And the slideshow made me cry! I think it was that you captured all of the moments that I wanted to remember most. I watched it four times the first day you sent it. All of the pictures show what a great time everyone had (minus the sweat!)

Thank you so much for preserving these memories. I can completely understand why Pete and Tova speak so highly of you. I can’t imagine our day with any other photographer.

All the best, Elana & Mike

Follow up from Mike:

Eric is a true professional. Not only did he capture amazing images, he did it in a fun way. We found ourselves looking at the photos and saying “I don’t even remember seeing him when he took that photo!” It was a great pleasure woking with Eric. The entire process (from conversation to contract to pre-event to day-of) was easy. Eric shot my brother’s wedding and at our wedding he felt like family member. I would highly recommend Eric!





christine-kaiDear Eric,

Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of our wedding day. The pictures were absolutely amazing, as was the slideshow that you put together. We have received so many compliments and have told everyone how wonderful it was to work with you. You made everyone around you (from adults to kids) feel so comfortable.

There are truly no words to adequately express our gratitude for all of the beautiful moments that you captured on film. You possess a very unique and special gift. Thank you for sharing that gift with us.

Best wishes for continued success, Christine & Kai







jay-tomDear Eric,

We were just looking through our wedding photos recently, and were prompted to write you. Our day was pretty amazing, and so were your photos! You promised us that there would be little of that “line up and pose” stuff that most wedding photos look like, and you kept your promise. Although it has been nearly three years since that day, it was great to look through your site (thanks for including several photos of us) and see that your creativity continues to grow and expand. Our photo book is a cherished memory of a day we will always remember, and your expert photos were a very important part of it.

Warm remembrances from Jay & Tom









Don and I wanted to let you know how enormously pleased we were with your work at our wedding on March 18. As you may know, Don located you after an on-line search for wedding photographers in Massachusetts.  As he likes to put it, there was something about your web site that really caught his attention, and his positive instinct was reinforced when he began talking with you in person.  We found you were incredibly easy to work with as we planned the event.  Even better, you were incredibly easy to work with at the event, as complicated as it was and as many parts as it had.  We had the sense that you were literally everywhere, at just the right time, to take just the right picture but were never obtrusive.  And our general sense was fully supported when we received the “raw footage,” as it were, both the full display of photographs and your selections for an album.  They are simply wonderful and capture the event in its entirety.  We feel as if we are reliving the full experience when we go through the pictures you forwarded. So thank you for making what was such a wonderful event for the two of us truly memorable, and for capturing it so that we can re-experience it, together and with family and friends, on a regular basis.

Don & Steve






katy-garyDear Eric,

thank you for helping to make our wedding such a success. You were wonderful at being at the right place at the right time and for simply going with the flow. We appreciated your flexibility and the way you transitioned every shot. I think we all felt very comfortable and in good hands, you really put everyone at ease and throughout the course of the evening managed to capture every one of the moments and people we had hoped you would.I wish we could have cooled the humidity down a little, but it certainly didn’t seem to slow you down or get in you way. Thank you for helping to memorialize our very special day! We are extremely happy with the way everything worked out.You did a fantastic job of capturing the magic of the evening and I would recommend you highly to anyone!

Best wishes, Katy & Gary







george-kassaDear Eric,

Thank you so much for your excellent photography services for our wedding!! We love our photos and feel fully indebted to you! It’s so obvious that you love what you do by looking at our pictures, they are absolutely stunning! We’re so glad it was you that was able to come and celebrate with us. Please don’t hesitate to use us as references in the future to any couples that are considering you for their wedding, we’ll sing praises!!! Thank you so much…

Hey Eric, we just recieved our wedding album, and it looks so good! We absolutely LOVE it, and our parents will be ordering and album soon. Thanks again, and please use us anytime for a reference, you we great!

George & Kassa







david-susanEric was wonderful to work with. Many of our guests commented on how patient and pleasant he was. We were already very impressed with his unique style- so we felt no need to “micro-manage” how he went about his business. He has great emotional intelligence as well as artistic talent- and his work is a testament to that. ( No stiff, staged photographs here!) He clearly loves what he does- and it shows. We not only have a beautiful record of our happy day in our heart, but also in Eric’s photographs. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Thanks, Eric! – David & Susan









Photo © Eric LimonEric,

We can’t thank you enough for capturing our wedding day as well as you did. We got home from the honeymoon and just sat by our computer completely mesmerized by all the beautiful photos and slide show that you had so quickly put together online. It was like for that brief moment we were reliving the wedding all over again. From the first moment we met you we knew that you would be the perfect photographer for us. Your laid back attitude combined with professionalism and just raw talent are what drew us in. You managed to take pictures of everything while being in the way of nothing. And these aren’t just normal pictures. The lighting… the angles… the style. It’s all something we thought only the “stars” could have…. but that’s what makes you great… you made us “stars” on our wedding day, and we thank you for that. We recommend you to anyone who is prepared for their special day to come back alive every time they look at their wedding album. Thank you, and best wishes for continued success. You deserve it.

Sincerely, Kelly and Paul :)








Thank you for making our day extra special. From the very beginning, we knew that you had a wonderful eye to capture the best of lifes’ precious memories. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for making our memories last forever within the outstanding work of your photography. Family and friends have constantly told us that they love the photography that was taken on our special day. They now have memories of our day to put up on their walls. We were so happy that you were able to work with our inclement weather conditions and made the best of circumstances. On our wedding day, we truly considered you as part of our family, and we are so glad that we had the opportunity to work with such an exceptional artist. From our standpoint, you come highly recommended in our hearts, and we look forward to inviting you to future events to come. We wish you all the success for future endeavors. Thanks again Eric with our deepest gratitude.

All of our best, – Garrett and Elizabeth







Photo © Eric LimonEric,

Mansi and I are truly thankful. Our families have been going through your work and have loved it, especially the Azuka book. Our engagement was very special, and your work will help us remember that day forever. Even though Indian engagements are not your typical project, you caught everything — even the smallest details. Added to that, you suffered, worked, and sweated through the heat like no other. You blended in and gave us the many candid shots we wanted. Eric, thank you for everything.

Ashwin & Mansi









Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at our wedding. There was not an aspect of the wedding that wasn’t captured. Every single emotion was captured in our photos, whether it was romantic, humorous, or classic moments that we will never be able to capture again. You were able to accomplish this with truly amazing results. We are more than impressed and ecstatic with the amount of photos that we received when we came home from our Honeymoon. It was nice that we were able to view all the pictures on line and share them with all of our family and friends. We truly feel that we have had the best possible experience and we would strongly recommend you to anyone who is searching for the perfect wedding photographer.

Best Wishes, Debhinn & Jeffrey








Wedding Photography by Eric LimonHey Eric!

We got the proofs this weekend, and we absolutely love them! It’s been a lot of fun going through all the pictures and laughing. Everyone has loved all your work. You said we could email you a testimonial, so here it goes…

Dear Eric, Vinny and I had the most amazing wedding day. We wanted our wedding to be small and intimate; and we accomplished that! While planning our wedding day other couples shared their experience with photographers (mostly negative). My sister’s photographer was too traditional and made everyone pose throughout the evening using a 35 mm. That gave us hundreds of useless pictures to go through and select the best ones. I remember being asked to “do that again” which made it less authentic. Other couples said that they expected more from their albums, that it didn’t capture who they were as a couple. Our experience with you was amazing. We noticed, and our families noticed and complimented you too. You were kind, professional, hard working and creative. You became part of our wedding rather than just the person taking our photos. That was important to us. We couldn’t wait to return from our honeymoon and see our photos. Once we received our album, we now have something we will truly treasure. As I have been showing friends and family our pictures, everyone has complimented the way we were all captured – not stiff or overly traditional. I feel that we were captured as we truly are. We will always treasure our album. It has our closest friends in it and for the first time both our families together. Vinny and I are so lucky to have found each other and I truly think that these photographs captured how much love and enjoyment we all have for each other. We truly enjoyed working with you, and you are an absolute artist and professional. Thank you again for sharing our day with us and capturing our memories! Much luck and success.

Sincerely, Kim and Vinny




kerry-bobHi, Eric!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  We had so much fun tonight browsing through all the pictures – we had a few laughs – it was great to see that day again. We are beyond thrilled with the photos of our wedding at Jiminy Peak.  You captured the excitement of our day with such ease and brilliance.  We, along with our family and friends, would like to thank you for your remarkable work.

Thank you again!!! – Kerry & Bob








Audra_WesleyAs we planned our wedding we had to decide what was important, and what to spend our money on. We decided that we will never have another chance to get great pictures and that we should get the best photographer we could find. We looked in the phone book and on the web, but once we saw Eric’s photos on the internet we had made up our minds. We called to setup a meeting and discovered that he was the photographer at our friends wedding we would be attending. We saw Eric in action and saw the most wonderful photos he took at out friends wedding. At our wedding he captured everyone being themselves and we treasure the photos. Everyone comments on what a great job Eric did and the breathtaking photos he took. Every time we look at our photos we can’t believe how perfect they are. One of the other great things about hiring Eric was that we have the right to print all the photos we want for our use. I can’t imagine how much this has saved us. It is so nice to be able to give all our family members albums of our wedding pictures with out costing us a lot. Thank you Eric!

Audra & Wesley








we just recieved the Graphistudio album, and it is absolutely stunning! We could not have been happier with the work that you did for us. Your photos really painted a picture of what the day was like and truely captured the esscence of our special day. We really appreciate your attention to detail and your artistic flair as well as your super low-key style! Thank you so much!!! We will highly recommend you to any and all brides and grooms! You were AWESOME!!! And the albums are GREAT! Our parents love theirs too!!! Thank you again and again!

Love, Paula & Roger









YOU ROCK! Thank you so much for your time on Saturday – you made our wedding day so much more relaxed, fun, & natural with your great personality. Some of our favorite moments of our wedding day are the time Tim & I spent with you taking pictures out in the orchards, and the hour in Stockbridge with the girls – we had a blast! You have such a gift of making people feel comfortable, natural, and happy. Thank you so much for being a part of our day!

To peace and joy – Lisa & Tim








mark-stephanieEric, just so you know, we were simply amazed by the pictures you took for us. Many of them actually brought Stephanie to tears. You captured the day perfectly, we couldn’t have asked for more – Great Stuff!

Thanks again, Mark & Stephanie









dan-courtneyDear Eric,

It is with the greatest of appreciation that I send this letter of thanks for joining us at our wedding. I phrase it as such quite intentionally because innumerable other guests of our wedding asked of us, “Did you hire a professional photographer or was that just a friend of yours taking the photos for you?” You fit in absolutly perfectly with our party – we and our guests found you easy to talk to, unobtrusive, and incredibly friendly and accommodating. I would cite one instance where you took a photos of friends of ours, then were happy to let them review the image on your viewfinder. I believe that most photographers would bristle at such a request, and you handled it with aplomb and courtesy.

Through this point, I have yet to even compliment you on the photographs themselves. We were looking for somebody who would capture the many special moments of the day without disrupting those same moments. In scrolling through the photos you shot (which shockingly were already posted to your website by the time we returned from our honeymoon a mere week later), we relived our wedding in all its glorious and colorful detail. The timing, angles, and colors were all masterful. You captured not only the images, but also the essence and spirit of the day.

In addition to your virtues as a photographer, I also found your flexibility in delivery to be ideal. While anybody could make use of digital originals in the same way as they could use negatives, for someone like me who will be posting them to my website, incorporating them into the wedding video that I will be producing, and sharing them with friends who would otherwise not be around to see hardcopy photos, digital files are essential. Your choice of packages was also to our liking as we were able to order exactly what we wanted without the obligation to purchase more than we desired.

As with every single one of our vendors, we believe that we couldn’t have found a better photographer for all the money in the world (and while we mention it, we found you to be one of the more reasonably priced photographers out there). Thank you so much for everything, and please feel free to share our e-mail address with anybody interested.

All the best, Dan & Courtney




aaron-erinEric, The pictures are beautiful. You have managed to capture the spirit of the wedding, but most importantly you caught the touching moments that made it a wonderful time for everyone. You have the style, eye, and technique that I look for in the DPs I hire for my films. It’s an unusual gift and one you should be especially proud of. Once again, thank you for the wonderful job. We could not be more pleased.

Sincerely, Aaron & Erin









sarah-dahnaEric is an amazing photographer. During the wedding, he seemed to be really enjoying what he was doing, and the final product demonstrated that. He managed to successfully herd both of our families for some posed shots, but mostly took great candid photos that really captured everything that was special for us about the day. He put together a slideshow of photos that we shared with our friends and family, and I lost count of how many people said, “Those are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen!”

Thanks Eric! Dahna & Sarah









eric-rachelHey Eric,

The honeymoon was amazing. Italy is so cool it should be illegal. I really mean that. So, obviously the pictures turned out awesome and so did the album and slideshow that you laid out. Thanks for everything. We’ll try to get some more people that we know to get married and hire you so that we can hang out again! Here is our testimonial! Take ‘er easy.

~ Eric & Rachael

“Eric Limon is a fantastic photographer! He takes fabulous pictures and is able to accomplish this without being intrusive. Eric was able to capture every moment of our wedding and I don’t recall him being there. All of our guests commented on how much they liked our photographer and had fun with him. Eric also put together a wonderful slideshow almost immediately after our wedding so that we could see some pictures and share them with our families. By the time we returned from our honeymoon he had already put together our album and had asked us to modify whatever we wanted. I would recommend Eric to everyone I know!”






patrick-erinWow Eric – it is really beyond words to watch the slideshow you assembled and to see the rest of your photos from our wedding.  You captured the evening in ways far beyond our expectations — indeed, far beyond human comprehension in that it seems impossible for one person to capture all the right moments in all the right locations but somehow you did it and more!  We are just in awe – it is so emotional and beautiful to look at your artwork and think how lucky we were to have found you on the internet – just like we found each other on!  Thank you for helping to make our wedding the most beautiful night of our lives!

Erin and Patrick

Below is the review I left on Pictage.

“Eric is a genius photographer. He photographed our wedding on September 5, 2008. He was virtually invisible yet managed to capture everything. And his personality is the best – all our wedding guests loved him. I am a discriminating customer but I can say without any reservation that Eric is the ultimate photographer and I would recommend him 110%.”






sarah-bobbyHI Eric,

The pictures are amazing!! Thank you so much. See you soon at Erin’s wedding – we have been planning our cake revenge on them haha jk!

Sarah & Bobby

“Eric is an amazing photographer. He captures the day in such a wonderful way and really tells the story of the wedding day through his pictures. I have been told numerous times that my wedding pictures are the best people have ever seen. He is unobtrusive, funny, and friendly to your guests and he is very dedicated to getting the best and right pictures. I would highly recommend Eric Limon to any couple for their special day.”







liz-mikeDear Eric,

Thank you so much for the amazing pictures that you took at our wedding. Your photos reflected exactly what we had hoped for! After meeting with you the first time, we were confident that you would not only do a fantastic job, but also that your personality would be a perfect fit for us and our wedding! You were able to make us laugh and feel comfortable from the very start. When we first saw the pictures, we were blown away…we got your email while on our honeymoon and ended up spending an hour in the hotel’s business center (while in beautiful Aruba) because we couldn’t stop looking at them…they were better than we could have ever hoped for. You captured everything that we had in mind and all of the people that are important to us. Thank you so much for theses beautiful pictures that we will look back on for the rest of our lives. Your photos were definitely the best wedding gift we’ve received! We know that anyone who chooses you for their wedding photographer will be lucky enough to receive the same gift!

Thanks Again and All the Best! Liz & Mike






emily-paulDear Eric,

the photographs are absolutely wonderful, and you were great to work with too! You made both Paul and I totally comfortable, and our guests had so many good things to say about you. Were very happy to have had you as our photographer.

Thanks again, Emily & Paul










Thank you so much for all of those amazing photos. We love and treasure them more and more with each passing day. Your service was excellent, and you we a joy to have at our wedding.

Love, Kim & Paul









Photo © Eric LimonDear Eric,

We can’t begin to thank you for all you’ve done for us – not just the incredible pictures, but your joyful spirit and positive energy made our wedding so memorable. We’ve received so many compliments on you – “He was so nice!” “He was so much fun!” “He really looked like he was having a good time!” And these compliments came from people of varying ages and tastes – even my sister who doesn’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera. We were truly blessed to be able to have you capture our wedding. We love our pictures and can’t wait to have the finished album in our home. Thank you again for your artistry, your enthusiasm, and your warmth.

With gratitude, Paula & Jim







elana-mendelHi Eric,

First of all, we just have to say…WOW!!! What beautiful, creative, incredible photographs you took of your wedding! We have just been blown away by how you managed to capture so much of the intense emotions of the day in all of your shots – in fact, it was pretty emotional for both of us to even look through the photos for the first time, as it brought us right back to how we felt during our actual wedding day. We can’t thank you enough for your incredible work, flexibility, and good humor throughout the entire process- we couldn’t be happier with the results! Thanks again Eric!

With much appreciation, Elana and Mendel








desiree-jeremyEric, we just wanted to thank you for taking the most beautiful wedding photos! We are so happy with all we have seen on-line, and in our proof album (our family & friends love them too!) You are so talented! We will be sure to pass your name along whenever possible.

Thank You! Desiree & Jeremy










We cannot put into words how happy we are with our wedding pictures! Finding the perfect photographer was one of our most important priorities while planning our wedding. We definitely found it in you!  Your energy made the experience such a joy!  While you spend so much time planning for this one day, it seems to go by so quickly. It was so wonderful to be able to look back at all of our pictures and re-live that day. You captured the people and the moments that meant the most to us. Each picture is so unique. The slideshow brought tears to many eyes, and we have received so many compliments on all of the pictures!  Eric, you truly are so talented and such a gift to those who are able to experience your work, energy and dedication. We cannot thank you enough!

April and Dan :)







pamela-dave“We just got Eric’s photos back and are enamored with his candid and joyful style.   Eric made us feel spontaneous and playful throughout our wedding day.   We even jumped in a brook during the hours before the ceremony!  Eric was high energy and would run back and forth great distances to shoot from the perfect angle.   Our guests have been amazed by the quality and originality of the slide show and all of his work. We would urge our friends and family to go with Eric for future events.”

Pamela and David









stacie-joeyEric was amazing! I didn’t want the traditional style posed pictures for my wedding. Eric captured the emotions of the day and the way the day unfolded. I have heard so many compliments from our guests especially to how non intrusive he was. I usually hate the way I photograph but he made me feel comfortable and I actually loved all of the pictures! He is a great creative energy to have at your wedding. I highly recommend him!

Stacie & Joey









elisa-mikeEric is an amazing artist…His contagious energy and artful eye will leave you in awe of his talent. As he will tell you himself he has a photojournalistic approach to shooting a wedding. Your photos will be anything but traditional. He captures candid moments effortlessly and you will be more than thrilled with your photos.

With Love, Elisa & Mike

— Elisa is an amazing wedding photographer in the NE Pennsylvania area —









jessica-chrisDear Eric,

Chris and I just wanted to thank you again for being the best photographer on earth. We were so impressed with how the pictures turned out, and loved how you captured everything – from the moments we’ll always remember to the parts we never got to see. Somehow you managed to be everywhere at once, I don’t think you missed a single move on the dance floor. (Our friends all thank you!) Working with you was such a pleasure, and we hope to get a chance to do it again soon.

Warmly, Jessica & Chris









We are about to leave for our honeymoon, but we wanted to make sure we sent you a huge THANK YOU to you before we fled the country. You are amazing. We are so appreciative to have found such a fun, professional, personable, accommodating, & overall fabulous photographer for one of the most important moments in our lives. You made us (and our families) feel so comfortable, and MANY people have been raving about how wonderful you are, even before seeing your photos!

Tova & Pete








Photo © Eric LimonEric,

Thanks for taking the most awesome wedding pictures I have seen. You really captured the essence of our wedding, which is what was most important to us. We’re so glad that our wedding pictures will always show what a fun time we had. You have a real knack for capturing the excitement and emotions that we all had that day. So far just about everyone’s favorite picture has been of me looking like I’m asking the sky why it was raining, which I think is exactly what was going through my mind! We have gotten many compliments, and even one of the groomsmen has admitted to getting a little misty eyed looking through the pictures you took of the two of us after the group shots. Many of our guests also commented that you seemed like one of the funnest party guests! And we really appreciated your help with the “DJ situation”–it was defineitly calming to know that you were there to help, and that we didn’t need to worry about the pictures.

All the best – Liz and Ryan







Photo © Eric LimonDear Eric,

We can’t thank you enough for the outstanding job you did on our photographs. Everyone has absolutely raved about how beautiful the slide show is and how well you captured the spirit and emotions of the day. Having pored through the pictures (several times a day for a week now) we couldn’t agree more. Not only that, but we were thrilled to have them waiting for us when we returned from our honeymoon – it was like reliving it all over again. It has truly been a pleasure working with you and we are just so glad we put our trust in you to capture such and important and special day.

Much love, Erin & John








Thank you for capturing all the moments of our wedding – from the smallest detail to the posed shots that somehow looked natural… we loved having you at out wedding to capture all the emotion. Thank you for doing an amazing job!!

All the best, Holly & David









jen-fredHey Eric,

Thank you so much for helping us to tell the story of our wedding. Your photographs are not only beautiful, but working with you was easy and fun. You have a gift for being in the right place at the right time! The day was such a whirlwind, but you have given us the gift of time by capturing it so beautifully that we can sit down and piece it back together. Anyone who wonders what it means to work with a photojournalist need only look through our photographs to understand. Without a word, they tell the whole story. Thank you for your time, your patience, and your eye!

Jenny and Fred








lana-carmineDear Eric,

Thank you so much for your incredible job during our wedding day.  Your photos came out truly amazing. Having worked in advertising for over 10 years and also being an amateur photographer, I’m somewhat of a photo snob. When I was researching photographers, your portfolio was head above shoulders from anyone else’s and I was amazed to see the results of you capturing our wedding. Your photo journalistic style really captured the essence of the day and love of our friends and family really shines though each image. I was especially impressed with the kids’ photos. The kids’ pictures are just adorable and you got a lot of great action shots capturing their energy. We really enjoyed working with you, your great clear direction, being easy going, and herding family members together to stay on schedule and take the family shots. Our friends and family are really impressed with the photos. Thank you for making our special day even more memorable.

Best, Lana & Carmine







erika-mattEric was fabulous. He knew we weren’t keen on all the posed pictures and wanted to capture the feeling of the day with candid and fun images. The photos came out beautifully and I think he managed to capture all the fun and beauty and wonderful experiences that take place during your wedding day. The pictures of me and my husband are wonderful and the reception was captured with glee. It seems that Eric and his assistant had as much fun as we did a the best wedding ever. Thanks Eric for the wonderful memories.

Erika & Matt









rob-erinTo start from the very beginning when we very first started talking to Eric about shooting our wedding. He was always very responsive to all phone calls and emails. Every time we called or emailed he responded very quickly. He answered all our questions honestly and thoroughly. I can even remember a phone call we had while Eric was camping with his family. Now that is dedication.

Now on to the actual event. He showed up on time (actually a little early) ready to go. He was professional but so personable at the same. All of our guests just loved him! He was on top of everything and even caught a few action shots! More than once I walked up to him asking him for a particular shot and every time his response was, yup I got it already. Also a number of our guests asked us if he was family or a close friend that was taking pictures for our wedding gift, because he just seemed so comfortable and involved. But not intrusive at all!

Now the pictures themselves. They were perfect! I mean it, PERFECT! That is the only way to describe them. He got all the shots we wanted, the editing was breath taking. If I could give him 10 stars I would. Really I can’t say enough about him and his pictures! We are absolutely 110% happy with him, his pictures, and our experience.

Thank You so much Eric, Mr. and Mrs. Kirby





meghan-mark5 Stars across the board. Eric was phenomenal. I really cannot tell you how much he was worth it. As far as choosing a wedding photographer, I wanted someone who would roll with the punches, be able to handle me sick sense of humor and laugh it off, and be able to deal with my hilarious and HUGE wedding party. Eric fit the bill on every level. When he arrived at my hotel suite he was all smiles and energy. He quickly moved about the room snapping the shots of me and my girls getting ready. We talked briefly about my vision and I told him I wanted to take some shots outside before heading to the venue which he was excited about. All of my guests and my mother all said the same thing “Your photographer was amazing!”. He really was. He fit right in with my family and friends and I cannot wait to see what he was able to capture. He gave me breaks during the formals when I needed them, and was quick to be at my side if there was something I needed a shot of.

Thank you Eric, you were wonderful! Meghan & Mark







Photography © Eric Limon - order photos at – working with you was an absolute pleasure!

Blended family, a billion kids to corral, rain starting right before an all outdoor wedding…. not one of these phased Eric in the slightest! Our whole family just reviewed the photo gallery- laughing, crying and hooting over the awesome photos he took and the fantastic photo studio he set up for us. We both feel like we couldn’t have made a better choice: Eric captured every little detail while also getting some really unique spins on the big picture of our wedding.  He met every one of our special requests, and was a fantastically fun people person at the reception – everyone responded so positively to his presence.

Thanks again! Ken & Joli







glen-amyAfter seeing Eric’s photos from a friends wedding, we couldn’t have imagined using anyone else for our own wedding. His professionalism is impeccable but it’s his easy going nature and his ability to capture the moment that made him the perfect choice for us. He blends in with the crowd so you hardly know he’s there, yet still finds ways to get the most incredible shots. We can’t thank him enough for helping make our day awesome. We highly recommend him to anyone!

Glenn & Amy









melanie-michaelHiring Eric was one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding. Simply put, his photos were excellent and he was a delight to work with. I’ll also add that we had very challenging weather the day of our wedding and Eric worked well under this pressure — he was efficient, flexible, creative and able to improvise. Weddings often have unexpected surprises so I know now that it is critically important to have vendors who know what to do when things go awry, and to do it exceptionally well. I feel lucky to have so many amazing photos to choose from.

Melanie & Michael









rebecca-michaelEric was a dream to work with – he was creative, kind, generous, and hilarious. Everyone was amazed by the ease with which he managed the formal photos, found ways to capture special moments, and make sure that everyone looked their best. The photos are truly incredible. We’re thrilled with the results and would recommend Eric to anyone.

Rebecca & Michael









ashley-winthropWe couldn’t have imagined our wedding without the magic of Eric’s photography. What can we say, the man is gifted! He was able to breathe a life into our day that wouldn’t have been possible without his talent. We will always be able to look back at our photos with the same feelings invoked on the day we got married. Thank you for bringing immortality into our special day!

Ashley & Winthrop









melissa-seanIt was such a pleasure to work with Eric! Not only is he an amazing photographer, but his enthusiasm and passion for photography really shows in his work. He made taking pictures so much fun and he truly captured every special moment of our wedding day!. I absolutely love his photography style and the fact that he can take any ordinary setting and make it look magical. Eric is extremely easy going and made the entire process so stress free. He spent hours with me to ensure that my album was absolutely perfect and exactly how I envisioned it to look. I would highly recommend Eric for any event. We wanted the best photographer for our wedding and knew right away that Eric was that person

Melissa & Sean









When I went on the search for my wedding photographer, I was looking for someone who would take nice portraits but more importantly I wanted someone to capture the special moments of the day. I wanted to remember the funny things that happened on the day, the moments where everyone is laughing about the Best Man’s speech and when the guests from different sectors of our lives started to mesh and mingle to a favorite song played by the band. I wanted to re-live my wedding day through my pictures, and that is just what Eric did. He capture the wedding, the scenery and the fun of our wedding day. And on top of that feat, he handled atypical family dynamics and a groom who was not thrilled about having lots of pictures taken of him. Eric is talented and a great professional to help you on your wedding day. My husband and I will be recommending Eric to our friends!

-Cara & Jeff Hulme







becca-robbyEric Limon was an unbelievable wedding photographer. He not only delivered the highest quality results, but also was so much fun to work with. Eric was exactly what you want a photographer to be– he was everywhere at once without being intrusive and captured so many wonderful moments. As I flip through the pictures now, Eric’s work truly brings the day back to life. I would recommend Eric to anyone!

Becca & Robby









deirdre-tomEric was an absolute pleasure to work with and we are extremely satisfied with the quality of his work and professionalism. He was exactly what we were looking for in a photographer…someone who was fun, polite, and able to capture every aspect of our wedding. Eric’s photographs tell a story that will help us remember our special day for a lifetime. He has our highest recommendation. Thank you, Eric!

Deirdre & Tom









eric-margoEric exceeded our expectations in every way. He was accessible and easy to work with before, during and after the event. His positive, cheery attitude kept everyone calm and composed during the strenuous activity of taking family photos. Despite working alone, Eric managed to capture every moment of the event. His pictures had an artful quality – not only sharp and with great lighting, but beautifully composed. It was a pleasure working with Eric, and we couldn’t be happier to have had him capture the memories of our special day.

Eric & Margo









tiffany-chrisDear Eric,

From start to finish, it was an absolute pleasure working with you. From our very first meeting, you had a great energy about you and we felt like you understood what we were looking for. We were so excited and so confident in your work that we didn’t even meet with any other photographers! On the day of our wedding you had a way of catching so many great moments, yet not making a big production about it.  You were silently snapping and didn’t miss a thing. You even took me outside when you could tell my nerves were about to get the best of me (and we ended up with a great photo op!). You have a calm about you and a fun vibe that really  allows people to be themselves. That makes for great photos! The true test came when we received our pictures. The day goes by so quickly and it was so nice to see our wedding day through your lens. You captured so many special shots, from emotional moments, to the dance party and everything in between. There were so many amazing shots, that we can’t even begin to start the process of choosing what goes in our album!

Thank you from the bottom of out hearts for capturing our special day and for being a such a fun guy to work with!!

Tiffany  & Chris






We can’t look at the pictures enough! It is hard to put into words what your work means to us. You captured out special day in photographs just as we wanted to remember it forever in our minds. The contrasts and the creative angles made for some of the most spectacular photography. Our family and friends cannot stop remarking at how beautiful and stunning your work is. You had such a unique way of being there for all the important moments without us even noticing. Each photograph in our collection is valuable to us, as you were able to freeze special instants of our wedding day in time for us to look back at and treasuure. We are more than happy with our choice, and truly enjoyed working with you each step of the way. Your charm and character made us feel comfortable and at ease with having you join us on this personal, significant day in our lives. If we had to do this all over again, we would certainly have no hesitation in choosing you once more. It seems as though we found you on a whim, searching the internet, but we are so greatful that we did. We wish you all the best in the future. You are going to make many more people very happy with your talented eye, dedication to producing only the best for your clients, and your friendly, caring personality. Truly the best!

Sincerely, Melissa & Tom